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John Boecker


John Boecker serves as a founding partner in 7group, an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary consulting firm focused on green and regenerative development. As an architect, his practice has focused exclusively on green buildings and integrative design since 1996. He served on the LEED Steering Committee from 2002-2009, and he Chaired the USGBC’s national LEED Curriculum Committee from 2002-2007. Along with his 7group partners and Bill Reed, he co-authored The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building, a seminal book published by Wiley in April, 2009. He also co-hosted with Bill Reed the national Voice America radio program, “Building Deeper Green: Reframing Sustainability.” As a highly sought keynote speaker, John has lectured on the benefits of integrative design and regenerative development in 36 states and 14 countries. He has served as LEED Faculty since 2002, and he was appointed a LEED Fellow in the inaugural class of 2011.

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