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Celebrate Earth Day 2017 with 7group

Join us for our annual three-day “Tracking Class” led by Joel Glanzberg over Earth Day weekend. It’s about developing our capacity and capability to observe well, to recognize patterns well, and to track well … these are the critical skills that we use while working with living systems to arrive at the realization that “everything in life is a track”.

Our world is made up of living systems, all of which follow the same patterns. To reverse the degenerative trajectory of critical systems from climate to communities, we need to see and work as nature does and find the small moves that can seed systemic change. This class is about learning to work effectively with living systems from organisms to organizations, ecosystems to economic systems. Using traditional tracking skills, living systems principles and thinking, we will learn to read the patterns of living systems to find the small changes that can transform them.

We will use movement, breathing, tracking, experience, sharing and story to learn to see and work in different ways. We will work on looking beneath the surface to see processes at work and to design interventions rather than structures. This event will take place from April 20th to April 23rd in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Jefferson County, WV, and costs $350 including all meals … you bring your camping gear, tent, comfortable clothing, and a good sharp, fixed blade or lock blade knife.

Our instructor Joel Glanzberg, seasoned permaculturalist, tracker and systems thinker, will guide our use of techniques from many traditions to explore the patterns in our bodies, the landscape, society and our minds. Re-entering Nature’s Mind, we will learn to see the least change for the greatest effect and how to solve problems from the personal to the professional and the planetary … more at


For more information, please see Tracking Principles and Patterns of Living Systems or contact John Boecker at To register, go to

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