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Materials Perspective
  • Alvin Changco

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Experience with:

  • Green building specifications
  • Sustainable materials selection
  • Construction Waste Management
  • Whole building Life Cycle Assessment
  • Material Life Cycle Assessment
  • Carbon offsets
  • Carbon footprinting

Materials & LCA

Materials choices have a profound impact on a building’s embodied energy, impacts which are generally intangible. To understand the causes and effects of these impacts, and how to mediate them, we engage a wide range of expertise on both the micro and macro levels. Focusing analysis on a single material can lead to a deep understanding of specific issues and possible solutions, while the more holistic approach of life cycle assessment (LCA) offers a broader spectrum of solutions involving a whole building.

As a building moves from concept to reality, complex decision-making around materials specification and building service life comes into play. At 7group, we believe these choices should be driven by materials that are abundant, renewable and locally sourced. Materials should be recyclable, non-toxic and have low embodied energy, and the impacts of their extraction, manufacture and disposal should be minimized.

Across the continuum of the built environment, from foundation to finishings and furniture, sustainable materials represent some of the latest advancements in building science over the past decade. 7group serves as an active participant in such innovation; as an affiliate with the Athena Institute, a leader in materials databases and LCA, and as a consultant on numerous green building projects, we have extensive experience interpreting the effects of materials use and developing sustainable solutions.

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