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Energy Modeling Perspective
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We Provide:

  • Performance Targets
  • Computer Simulations
  • LEED EA Reviews
  • eQUEST Consulting
  • Solar Analysis
  • Building Audits
  • Infrared Scans
  • Benchmarking
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Training

Energy efficiency and the use of cleaner energy sources are the essence of what defines a green building. As 7group partner Marcus Sheffer is fond of saying, “it’s all about energy”.

Everyone wants an energy efficient building. Every design professional will say they produce energy efficient buildings. The term energy efficient is relative however and is actually meaningless until it is quantified. The first question should be – what is your goal?  For new construction this means establishing a kBTU/sf-yr target; for retrofits a percent reduction from the current level of performance.

We focus our energy analyses on an integrative approach to building systems. The goal is to achieve the optimal amount of energy savings at the lowest overall cost. In new construction concentrating on the synergies between building systems can often yield first cost savings. For existing building retrofits there is a proper order which must be applied to the implementation of strategies to achieve the optimal effect.
Once the facility is as energy efficient as possible, renewable energy systems can be applied in the most cost effective manner.

Our specialties include energy simulation models, primarily using eQUEST, as a means to evaluate and inform design decisions. As a LEED Certification Review firm we have reviewed the modeling results for more than 1,000 LEED certified projects and understand the intricacies involved in this process. The niche we fill in performing energy audits concentrates on small to medium commercial projects with a particular emphasis on the special needs of nonprofit organizations.

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